It means a successful project for you. Whenever you need skilled manpower we are here to help you. In our crew we hold trades like electricians, painters, blasters, mechanical technicians and inspectors. We have delivered skilled manpower to various projects across Europe, both onshore and offshore.

Within every project we provide project coordination and management. Our technicians can be up-trained if it will be necessary. Ventum is always putting extra care when choosing the right candidates for each role based on our experience and the skill set.
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Regular inspections and well managed repair campaigns is a key factor when optimizing performance of wind energy assets. Our dedicated team of blade experts will assist you from inspections and estimations, through choose of access method and repair strategy directly to future maintenance of blades.

Ventum is always precisely estimating repair times and material consumption. We always pay additional caution on safety - that is why preparation is a key on all our projects.

All our technicians are trained to international standards. They possess necessary composite repair certificates, GWO courses and they adhere to IRATA guidelines while performing tasks via rope access methods.
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Demanding conditions for offshore wind turbines and its foundations require professional coating care. Regular inspections and early reaction at damages is a key to keep trouble-less production for many years.

Our inspectors and technicians can take care of your coated components based on their skills, trainings and industry background. We have experience in projects using multi-layer paint systems and single layer repairs like SikaCor.

Our approach is based on full project management that requires minimum effort from the customer and is always putting safety as a number one priority.
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Maintenance of your turbine is a key for its performance, you know that for sure. We take care of your wind turbine scheduled services, statutory inspections and troubleshooting when necessary.

We have in our team technicians with right qualifications to perform safely and efficiently preventive maintenance of GE, SIEMENS GAMESA and VESTAS wind turbines. Our dedicated team is always using high quality hydraulic tools with calibration to perform bolt torquing and stretching on your machines.

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Ventum is proudly supporting offshore installation companies during installation of offshore windfarms and its foundations. With our experience in offshore operations we are capable of providing services like:

  • Rope access support with secondary steel installation
  • Cable pulling equipment setup and preparation
  • Temporary power supply installation and refuelling
  • Cable pull
  • Coating spot repairs

We are capable of managing the project from start to finish, with CTV hire and operations included.

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If it is even a bird droppings on your OSS it needs professionals to clean it safely. From oil and coolant leaks to mould cleaning on the whole wind turbine - we mitigate risks and perform that projects efficiently.

We manage the project from its very early planning stage to the successful execution with care of smallest details.

Finally we perform the works with excelllent quality and detailed reporting. Our team of technicians can access all difficult locations with rope access methods.

Please have a look at our study case in Merkur Offshore Windfarm.
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Our young department is working to give you support on electrical works. From cable hang-off at Transition Piece up to nacelle we are developing to take care of your electrical installation in wind turbine. Inspections, troubleshooting, scheduled service of transformers, generators and converters.

With our very well experienced Dutch partner we can take care of works during installation of offshore wind farm - we can perform Termination and Testing of Inter Array and Export Cables on WTG Foundations and Offshore Substation
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