Our dynamic department is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for all electrical aspects related to wind turbines. From cable hang-off at the Transition Piece to the intricate workings within the nacelle, we are continually evolving to address your electrical installation needs across the entire spectrum of wind turbine infrastructure.

Our proficiency extends to a range of services, including inspections, troubleshooting, and scheduled maintenance of essential components such as transformers, generators, and converters. Whether during the installation phase of an offshore wind farm or ongoing operational needs, we specialize in executing critical tasks. This includes offering support during the Termination and Testing of Inter-Array and Export Cables on Wind Turbine Generator Foundations and the Offshore Substation.

Discover the breadth of our expertise and how our dedicated team can contribute to the seamless execution of your wind energy projects. For tailored solutions and reliable electrical support, we invite you to engage with us and explore the comprehensive services we offer.