Ventum takes pride in its role as a steadfast support partner for offshore installation companies engaged in the establishment of offshore wind farms and their foundations. Leveraging our extensive experience in offshore operations, we offer a range of specialized services, including:

Rope Access Support with Secondary Steel Installation: Our skilled technicians excel in rope access methods, providing essential support for secondary steel installation activities.
Temporary Power Supply Installation and Refueling: Ventum ensures the reliable installation of temporary power supply systems and provides efficient refueling services as needed.
Cable Pull-In: With precision and expertise, we execute cable pull-in processes, contributing to the overall success of the installation.
Coating Spot Repairs: Our specialized teams are equipped to address coating issues through meticulous spot repairs, ensuring the longevity of installations.

Ventum stands out in its ability to manage projects comprehensively, overseeing every aspect from initiation to completion. This includes the provision of Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) hire and operational management, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach to project execution. Our commitment to excellence and proficiency in offshore support positions us as a reliable partner for the successful installation of offshore wind farms.